Skye Homes is a nationwide home-buying company based in Northern California, founded in 2016 by husband- wife team Jake and Apple Knight. We’ve since expanded our team and real estate acquisitions beyond the Bay Area and have worked with homeowners in almost a dozen states. Technology, a good team, and strong focus on customer service allow us to provide a high-quality level while not being physically present for every purchase.

The Team

Jake Knight is the primary house buyer and has been in real estate industries such as mortgage lending, commercial underwriting, and real estate investing since 2003. His experience allows him to provide a consultative approach. Some situations require expertise and that’s where he comes in. He is also a registered Mortgage Loan Officer in CA. 

Apple Knight wears multiple hats for Skye Homes. She is the Marketing Coordinator and Master Budget Queen. Apple skillfully solves all design problems that perplex Jake!

Alex G. might be your first point of contact. She’s our Lead Acquisitions Manager based out of Austin, TX. That means she works with most new sellers to understand what their needs & goals are, and to introduce our service.

Trey G. is a Las Vegas resident who handles investor relations. Trey works with sellers in the later stages of the closing process, for example inspections, closing, and crafting our exit plan. For portfolio acquisitions he interfaces with our institutional partners.

Give us a call today at 866-207-1940