8455 Peachtree Ave, Newark CA 94560

The house is in a quiet neighborhood a few miles from the Dumbarton Bridge. On the other side of the bridge: Facebook HQ, and a ton of high-earning folks looking to buy a home!

The pics show a run-down home but what they don’t capture is the smell.  The smell of cat urine. YUMMM…

First order of business? Remove the sub-flooring. Luckily we could isolate the odor to the main living areas. Not having to remove sub-flooring around the whole house definitely saved time and money!


The kitchen had remnants of a peninsula. We could’ve rebuilt it but I thought an island would look better. By changing it to an island, it was easier to move the sink to the window than to put the sink in the island. That move required opening up the window frame… which required stucco repair on the outside.



Other changes to this area include recessed and track lighting, and re-framing the sliding door and adjacent window.

There were three major changes to the house:

  1. We ditched the pool
  2. Reconfigured the master bathroom layout
  3. Converted the small den into a 4th bedroom

Pool Demo

As I mentioned in a previous Facebook post, the pool had to be removed for a few reasons:

  • It needed a lot of repair work
  • Those repairs were projected to equal the cost of removing the whole thing
  • Not all buyers want a pool, but ALL buyers want a backyard
  • The pool took up most of the whole yard
  • No area to fence it in
  • Newark doesn’t get too hot since it’s a few miles from the Bay

Based on a suggestion from our contractor we decided to add a small redwood deck. In an unrelated conversation, a different contractor told me he thinks the four most important things that can sell a house for the highest price are:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Master bath
  3. Master bedroom
  4. Deck

So, okay. It’s only two opinions but I am good listener and agreed to let them build a deck. I think it adds a nice touch. Agree?

What a pretty blue sky, right? That was all me. Full credit to the owner.  Jake Knight. 866-207-1940. Call me if you need a blue sky. Thankssss….

Bathroom conversion

At the house I grew up in, a Seeno-built house in Pittsburg, the master bathroom features a wall that separates the sleeping area from the vanity and toilet/shower area. This is an obsolete layout and this Newark house had it. No bueno.

I called in a draftsman to sketch out a new layout. He took it to the city and got permits but my contractor scoffed and drew up a new layout. I liked the new one much better so I guess you could say I will not use that draftsman again!

It’s a bit tough to visualize it but behind the left wall is the bed area. To the right is the closet. Behind me is the sliding door.

We knocked out the walls, shortened the length of the sliding door, added a walk-in closet, and cut a new window above where a bed can go.


Bedroom Conversion

Straight ahead and to the right is a den area that already had a closet cove and door.  We had to enlarge the window for egress and to get more light inside, then close off the wall. Two fairly simple changes, along with getting permits, to get an extra bedroom and add value to the home (it’s all about adding more value than it costs to add that value).

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you know of anyone who wants to sell an outdated home, please call me (Jake) at 866-207-1940 or email skyehomebuy@gmail.com.

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