Skye Homes is Giving Back

Through our process of buying and renovating homes, many community members benefit, but not everyone.

Sellers The folks selling us their homes benefit by getting the solution they needed, neighbors benefit from a newly-refreshed home sell for a top price and what was once might have been an eyesore shines brightly now.

Buyers People we sell the remodeled home to are excited to move in and not have to do all the remodeling themselves.

Service Professionals There are usually a dozen or more people involved in one sale that benefit, such as escrow and real estate professionals, construction teams, inspectors, and stagers or photographers, many of whom are self-employed and depend on real estate transactions.


Left Behind

But there’s one segment of the community who doesn’t directly benefit and those are residents who are unable to afford housing as costs have skyrocketed.

That is why we will donate $1,000 to a local affordable housing non-profit each time we buy a house. Alternatively, we will donate the same amount if you, as a seller, have a preferred charity.

Please call us or fill out the form below if you would like to be contacted about selling your home. Until next time!


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