How to Review Offers in a Seller’s Market

How to review offers in a seller’s market   A seller’s market is when there are more buyers but fewer properties available. As of February 2017, the average days on market (a good measurement for determining what type of market we’re in) in Santa Clara County was 28 days. As a rule of thumb, 3-4 months average time … Continued

Bay Area Housing Affordability and Trumpian Economics

Bay Area Housing Affordability: Not Much Relief Yet We talk about updates in housing affordability across the Bay Area and my thoughts on how the election of Trump effects the housing market. A lack of affordable homes continues to present one of the largest challenges to buyers in California, so it comes as welcome news … Continued

5 Top Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling

5 Top Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling and How to Quickly Solve That Problem You build up excitement as the listing goes live. You plan your weekend around the two open houses. After the weekend your agent tells you that traffic was great and multiple offers are expected. Then the offer deadline passes with only scant interest. Dozens … Continued