Agents! Let’s work together on your fixer-upper listings.

We are Jake and Eurika Knight, the husband & wife duo behind Skye Homes. We are “fix ‘n flippers” who work on projects all around the Bay Area.

Agents, do you have a client looking to sell a fixer-upper?

Let them know you have a buyer who will buy the home in as little as one week, in “as-is” condition and can let them stay back after closing if they need more time to move. We’ll also take care of any unwanted items they want to leave behind. No repairs, no commission, and no headaches.

Most of our flips are houses brought to us by real estate professionals. You can represent us as buyers and resell the house for us once it’s completed. We welcome you to verify our commitment to this by referencing past transactions.


Boulder Creek Fix n Flip Project

Our Buying Criteria

  • All Bay Area counties (plus Santa Cruz, Solano & Sonoma, San Joaquin counties)
  • Up to $2M  for SFRs
  • Any property type
  • ROI: I will take care of this part. If you think it’s a deal, I want to look at it!

We generally prefer houses that fall within the median price of that area upon resale. That median will change area to area, but we want to make sure we’re selling to the largest pool of buyers after we rehab. That is why we mostly stay away from luxury and rural properties.

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About Me

I grew up in the East Bay and moved to San Jose in 2014 where I live with my wife and two kids (we shot this video in early 2017 – our son is now almost 2 yrs old!).

Skye Homes- New Vallejo Rehab Project!

My philosophy in business and life is to treat others the way I want to be treated (heard that one before?). A relationship is more important than a deal. We work in a small community and my reputation is important to me. For that reason I make sure I do what I say I’m going to do and always operate with integrity.

I buy houses with my own cash in addition to working with multiple private capital partners, hard money lenders and investment partners. I’ve closed deals in as little as three days but the average is closer to seven.

Benefits to Seller

In our business (agents and investors) it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate ourselves. Yes, we can give great service and “go above and beyond” for our clients, but that’s what they’re hearing from everyone. Here are some ways I try to differentiate myself (which you can use when discussing me as a potential buyer):

I will help with (or pay for) moving logistics. Everything from renting a POD, finding reputable packers/movers, or coordinating an estate sale.

The seller can leave any and all unwanted items behind. This serves to lessen the stress of moving, which is never easy after living in one place for decades.

I won’t haggle over repairs, and most times I don’t always need an inspection.

I can close quickly and am flexible if they want to have more time to move out.  Usually I try to offer the first month or two rent-free, but everything is negotiable and I am flexible.

If there is something else that the seller needs/wants to make the deal happen, I’m all ears.


I’m a Realtor – I found a house where the sellers needed to get out, quick.  I brought the deal to Jake at Skye Homes, and he was able to pay the seller a fair price and save them from a hardship.  Once the house was his, he cleaned it out and fixed it up (it needed a lot of love!) using a licensed contractor and with building permits. too.  Throughout the process he was friendly, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.  I’d be delighted to business with him again in the future. – Seb Frey, Realty World Virtuoso

I have seen the work of Skye Homes and it’s some of the best I’ve seen. Jake is methodical and asks the right questions when seeking the right house to flip. He doesn’t just take on any project, he’s meticulous with the numbers and makes sure it’s the right fit before diving right into it. -Joanne Mendoza, Berkshire Hathaway

I met Jake at an Open House a few months ago. I came to Jake with an off market property that needed some work one evening about 11:30 pm and he returned my call within 10 minutes. Long story short, it turned out to be one of the smoothest and fastest escrows I’ve been a part of. He was very responsive throughout the entire process and was a complete pleasure to work with. Without a doubt, if the opportunity presented itself again to do business with him, I will gladly take it. -Bobby Johnson, Century 21 M&M

I met Jake Knight at one of my open houses in San Jose a few years ago. The words that come to mind to describe Jake are friendly, professional, hardworking and trustworthy. Jake’s greatest asset is his knowledge of the local market and his ability to clearly explain the complexities of his reasoning on variables such as timing, pricing and sale negotiation of off market deals. I look forward to working again with Jake in the future and he is on the top of my list for RE Investors. – Sandra Arellano, Coldwell Banker


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 Sample Past Projects

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