Skye Homes – Meet The Team

Skye Homes is a house buying company and based in San Jose, CA. We call ourselves the “house-fixin’ hobbyists!”

We are husband and wife partners Jake and Eurika Knight.  We buy and fix up houses because it combines our two passions of real estate and helping people. Buying and fixing up homes is fun, but doing it while helping people get into better situations is incredible. Neighbors love us too!

Jake Knight Eurika Knight

Jake is the primary house buyer and has been in real estate industries such as mortgage lending, commercial underwriting, and real estate investing since 2003. His experience allows him to provide a consultative approach. Some situations require expertise and that’s where he comes in.

Eurika aka “Apple,” wears multiple hats for Skye Homes. She is the Marketing Coordinator and Master Budget Queen. Apple is also a full-time Social Worker in the South Bay and can solve all the kitchen problems that perplex Jake.

We have a 14-year old daughter, a baby boy on the way, and enjoy traveling and visiting with family. 

A recent pic of us sitting in front of some wood.

We have recently expanded into two new areas. Please visit Skye Homes Northwest for Humboldt County, Redding, CA, and surrounding areas; and Skye Homes Southwest for New Mexico. In each location there are local specialists to help you with your home sale.

If you reside outside of these areas and need to sell your home, Skye Homes will be glad to assist you.

(877) 210-6460

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